Best and new classified website in Nepal |2021

29 May 1 Comment

Below are the names and link. Rank updated via alexa rank  ( Updated on 2021.05.29)


Sn WEBSITE NAME Website URL Alexa Rank In Nepal
1 Hamro Bazaar 95
2 Hamro Nepali Bazar 1800
3 Mero Bazaar 1880
4 Khoji Sansar 2076
5 Bigyapan 3391
6 Yoho Bazzar 4048
7 Internet Pasal 6887
8 Ads Bazar Nepal 7130
9 Kinbech Nepal 8662
10 YP Nepal 9484
11 Chhito 11031
12 Nepsify 0
13 Nepaliads 0
14 Ad Post Nepal 0
15 Nep You 0
16 Sara Deal 0
17 Hamro Tree 0
18 Slice Job 0
19 Mero Solution 0

If you know more website please let us know in comment

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Daami Deal
9 months ago

It’s fantastic to come across this comprehensive listing! However, I noticed that a few websites have expired. Could you kindly update the listing? Additionally, if you could spare a moment, we’d greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at our platform. It serves as a hub for accessing exclusive offers and deals from various brands, stores, and websites. Your time and consideration are highly valued!

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