How to get automatic approval system in Facebook Group? Solution

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Preapproval System in Group

We are the oldest buy and sell group in Nepal which has more than  4,07,017 Active Members and  we are registered in govt ( Gharelu Tatha Sana Udhyog, Tripureshwor)

We all know that, everyone can freely publish ad in our and our website.  But for genuine / registered user we are giving Preapproval System( Trusted Users) .

What is Preapproval System?

– If you have many products to post or if you want to see your post in real time without approving by admins then you can get preapproval. It is also called as automatic approval system.

Who Can Get Preapproval?

– People who are genuine and engaged in buy , sell or advertising activities can get preapproval. ( We do not give preapproval to Spam Publisher )

Where should I contact?

– You can directly contact to facebook page :

– Or You can contact to our Preapproval Team below:

 –  Bikram Shakya 

 –  Jasmine Shrestha 

 –  Sugina Shakya

–   Monika Rana Magar

Dristee Maharjan

–  Zenisha Thimi

–  Our facebook page

Or you can Directly in 9803815872

What are Benefits of Preapproval?

– Real time visibility in group.

– Get support from admin team. ( We can recommend your business to our customer)

– You can share quiz too

– You can do unlimited posts.

–  You can go Live any time

What is the process?

– You Can Just Pay us at 9803815872 ( Hamro Nepali Bazar Bigyapan) and we will do it within 10  minutes to 5 hrs. You must contact our team listed above.

How much we charge?

– We charge only  Rs 100 for the whole 1 month ( Package base on Nepali Year) (Package includes: 1 USER, 1 Page, 1 Extra user )

– We can give some discount to some members who are not able to pay the full amount. ( They have to support us by like, review, and subscribe)

How can you pay? Payment Method?

– You can pay with Esewa, Khalti, or Balance Transfer.

What is the  Payment ID?

– Payment id 9803815872 ( For Both Esewa and Khalti )  or you can pay to our preapproval team.

– Note: Kindly keep the screenshot for reference.

Do you get the bill?

– Of course. ( We can provide you soft copy online and if you want then we can give you hardcopy)

What do we do with the money?

– Actually, we divide this money to admins who are helping in this project, supporting preapproved members, web development and we have some donation plans too.

What is our future plan?

– Making this platform to grow Nepali Business and people internationally.

 Note : If you pay to unknown people then we will not be liable. 



( Hamro Nepali Bazar Bigyapan )

Naradevi, Kathmandu Nepal

+977-9803815872 ( Khalti id or  Esewa id or Viber )


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