What are the steps to renewing Nepali Driving licence? IN 2020

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Kindly read below steps for renewing Nepali Driving licence.

  1. You need to have one photocopy of citizenship and your original old licence.
  2. Visit to the Yatayat office with that documents.
  3. Go to the gate and get a ticket of health checkup in Rs 38.
  4. Then go to room number 11 to submit your documents, they will verify your documents and you will receive a token for clicking a photograph.
  5. Then go to waiting room and wait for your number.
  6. After that, they will take your fingerprint, your digital signature and one click of your face.
  7. After that, go to eye test department.
  8. After that go to counter number 13 for approving your documents.
  9. Now go to counter number 12 and pay Rs 1500( For category A)
  10. They will give you a receipt and will tell you to come after 6 months.

Note: You will be charged double if you crossed more than 3 months of expiry date. So that visit soon.

Note: Above steps are for only ekantakuna, Lalitpur branch. Steps may be different in other branches.

Extra information :

To Check Smart Licence from mobile:  Send Sms to 33001   LC Application Id

Now you will receive detail information in SMS. Wait for some weeks even it says “Your Licence has been printed”.

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